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From the Reaping Ritual, Nov.20:
  • Vixen: “that's because Wild is a ray of sunshine”
  • Kairu: Vixen and I agree that youre the most adorable bean OvO


  • Vegan Vegan (1 month ago)

    Okay, yes, exactly! It's mostly a lot of past drama I've gone through and I rather message about it where it's not public, if you use Discord, would it be best to message you my ID there? o:

  • Vegan Vegan (1 month ago)

    No problem and absolutely. I tend to fall silent when I fall into stress and don’t like to burden others with my issues, I also worry when I bring up things to friends as I worry I’m too m

  • Vegan Vegan (1 month ago)

    That includes you. So. Thank you for being a friend. I’m sorry I haven’t reached out to you in a while. It’s good hearing from you! <3

  • Vegan Vegan (1 month ago)

    Doing as good as I can be. Trying to keep positive and it’s kinda hard when a lot has been building up to give me answers I had questions for. - Just grateful to have people who support me for m

  • Vegan Vegan (1 month ago)

    No problem. I hope all is treating you well lately! <3

  • Vegan Vegan (1 month ago)

    Love the current avatar Wildfire! <3


being outside, learning new things, doing interesting stuff


manipulation, censorship, egocentricity, violence, deception


reading, creating, writing, games/avi forums