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hi, call me masa.

closet | hangout | artshop

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  • kaichoukai kaichoukai (2 days ago)

    I love ur new avi....... ;^; <3

  • Lucifera Lucifera (3 weeks ago)

    Your art is amazing, and I am totally going to read you comic! It seems awesome. (has accidentally read latest one first. xD)

  • hiwrik hiwrik (4 weeks ago)

    T H A N K

    Y O U

  • Alethna Alethna (1 month ago)

    your avatar is so hecking good, omgggg

  • Kairie Kairie (1 month ago)


  • kaichoukai kaichoukai (1 month ago)

    Yo I love your new avi!!!!! LOVE!!!!! Such a good color scheme......