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Aisukohi She/Her

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Feel free to add me on Discord (but tell me who you are!) at aisu9811


  • Ruby Ruby (1 month ago)

    Love your avi!!

  • Rei Ann Rei Ann (2 months ago)

    Thank you so much <3

  • Ruby Ruby (3 months ago)

    Definitely accomplished that look!

  • Ruby Ruby (3 months ago)

    Another cool avi!!

  • vaudevillain vaudevillain (4 months ago)

    I've been really into one called usogui, I also have cosplayed in the past but not so much recently, would love to get back into it though!

  • vaudevillain vaudevillain (4 months ago)

    I love love love conventions! Anime ones are my favorite but I've also attended a few gaming ones, tattoo ones and a few others! Some of my favorite series are Madoka magica, Chainsaw man and lately


Iced Coffee, Pastries, Animals, Rock Music, Meeting People, Road Trips


Peas, Licorice, Bigots, Liars, Ignorance