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I am sorry that I may not be around a lot this month of December. The holiday months are always tough on their own with family obligations and the time and money needed for it all, but this December is a bit worse as my long term boyfriend and I broke up at the beginning of the month. I check in at least once a day, but I may not always have time or the capacity to respond yet. Please say hi or whatever. I could use easy conversation as I equalize and find myself again.

CREDIT: Doll in post style is KawaiiHannah's Minute base recolored by myself.


  • KimmiChan1989 KimmiChan1989 (6 months ago)

    Hope your okay.... Miss you

  • Zuzu Zuzu (10 months ago)

    thanks ^u^ they do look like friends, sassy bee and shy butterfly. :D

  • Zuzu Zuzu (10 months ago)

    oi took some inspiration from your avatar and made this.


  • Zuzu Zuzu (10 months ago)

    awesome avatar!

  • Luffer Nutter Luffer Nutter (10 months ago)

    But also let's be friend cos there isn't enough of us in the avatar community XD

  • Luffer Nutter Luffer Nutter (10 months ago)

    LET US UNITE! Respectable stoners ftw <3


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