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Turtle Sensei Turtley

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Just another weirdo from America that loves avatar sites. I'm in my 30's and married with no kids. I have Crohn's Disease and am on disability for it. I've had 5 surgeries so far. I work part time as a telemarketer. Please be nice to your telemarketers!


  • inatlaka inatlaka (8 months ago)

    LOOVEEEEE your avatar <3

  • Selaphi Selaphi (1 year ago)

    Sensei!! Are you also the same one from I remember you in my art thread a few years ago if so. ^-^

  • Bill Cipher Bill Cipher (2 years ago)

    ((Yep. Came here after I heard some people talking about it. ))

  • Bill Cipher Bill Cipher (2 years ago)

    ((Hey. How've you been?))

  • Unicorn Unicorn (2 years ago)

    Thank you for the link

  • Unicorn Unicorn (2 years ago)

    Sure that would be helpful


turtles, anime, drawing, manga, reading, cats, giraffes, chocolate, coffee, video games


mushrooms, sea food


knit, draw, read, write, play video games