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Angel | 24F | Looking for friends!

A little about me is that I have a huge passion for language and art! I am primarily self taught (eventually may feature my art here :)) but do have some Fine Arts experience in high school and in college. I have associates degree in art in which I was able to study abroad in Spain (also went to Scotland) for a month! Which inspired my love further for language. :)

I also have way too much time spent on video games. I love Overwatch 2, Apex, Souls, Minecraft, Sims, and a lot of popular RPG's!

I'm super into alternative music! Mainly metal, indie, punk, midwest emo type of music!

If you ever wanna play with me or chat, please send a DM or chat me in the official server! <3

Discord: vampygurl



  • AlexiAkira AlexiAkira (2 weeks ago)

    Voltra is slow if you're used to gaia's pace, but we're much nicer! So don't be afraid to post! Hope to see you around! <33

  • AlexiAkira AlexiAkira (2 weeks ago)

    Welcome to voltra! OuO


overwatch 2, horror movies, art, metal music, souls games, sims, minecraft,


Make art n play games!