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Hi! I'm Rena! I'm 30! I'm from Florida. I like to draw, read, and write on occasion, though it's been a long time since i've written anything. i have an idea for a book rolling around in my head but i don't quite know how to start it or finish it. I got married to my best friend 02/02/2020, and we are dating this lovely woman who will hopefully move in with us soon!

best feeling ever from this post:


There were so many people on there that i loved talking to (even if i didn't really stand out to them i guess? idk maybe my brain is being mean, maybe it's just honest, idk, but it likes to tell me that no one on there really missed me that much cause i wasn't important to them the same way they were to me. maybe it's both.)

Girl you're the reason I even stayed way back when as an itty bitty 15 year old. I was so shy and didn't know what I was doing and you took me under your wing and told me where I could post to hang out. All the way back to the silent harmony days.
That's a long time and a lot of history haha. But, thank for you being so kind to me because without that? Idk if I would have stuck around and really become part of smaller sites outside of gaia. Half my lifetime of memories from these avi sites. Idk who I'd be without those. Thank you for making mene my home <3 I never forgot you


  • Whim Whim (8 months ago)

    Congratulations on winning voltra runway!!

  • Ruby Ruby (9 months ago)

    Lol yeah event planning really got away from us xD

  • Ruby Ruby (9 months ago)

    Aww thanks! :3 are you excited for the event?

  • Ruby Ruby (9 months ago)

    Cute avi Rena! :3

  • Kawaii Neko Teaa Kawaii Neko Teaa (10 months ago)

    Thank you! Sorry for the late reply i'm not always on

  • Ruby Ruby (12 months ago)

    Hope you’re doing okay <3






sleep, video games, reading, sewing, crocheting, drawing