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  • inatlaka inatlaka (3 weeks ago)

    Love your name and avi :o

  • blinkini blinkini (1 month ago)

    So I saw your avi and just had to draw it.

  • Q t e a p o n Q t e a p o n (2 months ago)

    Wow IDK what happened but it says you left a message and I see half of it but it's not on my profile page o . O so weird

  • Q t e a p o n Q t e a p o n (3 months ago)

    Hey, I know you! Weren’t you an artist on syndrone?

  • Taffy Taffy (7 months ago)

    You are a good detective. My thumb is back to normal!

  • Taffy Taffy (7 months ago)

    I hurt my thumb today and its hard to type lol by the way this is totalanimefan from a mule.