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Kozi Fluffywuff

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°˖✧ 月は私の中に閉じ込められています。 。 。 ✧˖°


Magical Boi
Blackout Survivor
Pixel Artist
Cat Lover
Blanket Burrito Enthusiast
Dollar Store Vampire
Certified Hazer Cultist
Fairy Prince
The Fluffiest of Wuffs


Name: Közi (Yue)
Age: Cosmic
Gender: N/A (he/him)


I am Kozi/Közi on most avatar sites.
I pixelled for many other sites as the artist Yue.
Enjoy a snuggly, comfy spot at at my hangout! Közi’s Coffee Cloud & Café


Thank you, Q t e a p o n <333

Thank you, Wildfire! <333

Thank you, GuttedBunny! <333

Thank you, kiwi!! <333

Thank you, Faewild!! <333

Thank you, kiwi!! <333


  • xvz xvz (1 month ago)

    just wanted to say ur avi's looking great ^^

  • Miss Sandman Miss Sandman (2 months ago)

    thank you very much közi >w<

  • LilMissKushy LilMissKushy (3 months ago)

    Hello kozi ^.^ awk thank you so much.. i love ur avatar so awesome

  • Xanthan Xanthan (3 months ago)

    Hope my friend is ok......((((( hugs )))))

  • MoodyBats MoodyBats (3 months ago)

    thank you

  • Amber Lynne Amber Lynne (4 months ago)

    Certainly good to know. XD
    My avi is actually a representation of one of my own characters XD


Pastel colors, rainbows, ice cream, cute things, lolita fashion, tea, coffee, Cardcaptor Sakura, sparkles, moons, and MAGICAL THINGS


Cleaning, housework, driving, alcohol, drugs, mean people, homophobes, and narrow-minded people.


Pixel art, photomanipulation, fashion, sewing, jewelry making, photography, avatar sites