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22 year old almost horticulture graduate.
Hobbies include anime, video games, gardening, drawing.

I like ice cream and sleeping. And the color green. And all animals.

I started typing some CSS but I got lazy. I'll play around with it later on meaning never my lazy butt


  • Lucifera Lucifera (11 months ago)

    Two. Lol. Just weekends, though my advisor tried to get me to sneak in another class on weekends and I was like, fuck no. I can't even.

  • Lucifera Lucifera (11 months ago)

    I am tired. Too much studying, not enough time. xD

  • Lucifera Lucifera (11 months ago)

    Me too! No lie it is nerve inducing. Exciting to start new, nerve inducing because you anticipate the stress. xD

  • Lucifera Lucifera (12 months ago)

    xD I mostly get states people. Oh! I have one person from australia I believe...

  • Lucifera Lucifera (12 months ago)

    LOL! I forget we both live in canada or are at least going to school here so you'd know. Easy to forget, most folks on here are USA.

  • Siron Siron (12 months ago)

    Ahh, amazing avi!
    Love the pastels