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Welcome to my profile! My name is Sam, and I'm not very good at talking about myself ;u;
I like to do art (especially watercolor!) and play video games in my spare time, and generally all I watch is Supernatural and youtube videos from JackSepticEye, Markiplier, Cry, and CrankGameplays. If there's anything else you'd like to know just ask me ^w^

If you don't get a reply from me but I've been online for a while I probably didn't see so feel free to nudge me again! The best way to get my attention is to @ me, since I always check my mentions.

Check out my art here: DeviantArt | Insta | Twitter (mostly retweets of other artists and random thoughts)

Want to learn more about my characters? Head on over to my ToyHouse! (If you need a code for a TH account send me a PM and I can get you one!)



Art, video games, Supernatural, FFXV, Okami, cute animals, comfy sweaters


Mean/rude people, high pitch noises, dating, bad wifi


Play video games and do art