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  • Amakai Amakai (4 weeks ago)

    I haven't played that but I watched a play-through of it and really liked it xD

  • Amakai Amakai (4 weeks ago)

    I love RPGs and open world stuff xD I don't like the old final fantasy games...I'm not much of a turn based person but the new ones I enjoy. I'm not really a shooter fan but I like Fallout 4 xD

  • Amakai Amakai (4 weeks ago)

    Several games xD FFXIV, two of the Assassin's creed games, skyrim and world of final fantasy

  • Amakai Amakai (4 weeks ago)

    I remember them cuz I drew them lol xD I've been alright. Working and gaming mainly lol

  • Amakai Amakai (4 weeks ago)

    Hallow stranger o: I haven't seen your username in ages (truth be told I recognized the ocs in your siggy xD)

  • Cowboy Belphie Cowboy Belphie (4 weeks ago)

    that sucks, im sure there are other places to buy some where theyre cheaper tho!


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