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Noctis he/they

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He / They || 20

Suffering CS Major senior, but holding on in there. I draw things sometimes and write.
Been addicted to avatar sites since I was 10 :^)

will update and be fancy here later.


  • Prodigy Prodigy (7 years ago)

    You'll be happy to know the bros are in this event and I was fangirling over how they mixed the two universes. Noctis is such a nerd it's adorable. xD

  • Prodigy Prodigy (7 years ago)

    We played through a couple minutes of it before our trip this weekend but haven't gotten very far due to travel. So far it's pretty fun though!

  • Prodigy Prodigy (7 years ago)

    Thank you! :D My fiance and I cosplayed Noctis and Prompto for our last convention. Gotta love the FFXV gang. ;D

  • Prodigy Prodigy (7 years ago)

    Your username = <3