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Yuracye SENPAI

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Hi, I'm Yura.
I'm pretty boring.
I like to draw failtacularly cute stuff.
I work full time.
I complain a lot and talk about myself.
Work consumes my life, so replies will be sparse during weekdays.
I'm married to my soulmate. <3
I love my OC's.
I get lost easily.
It's difficult for me to make and keep friends, but you can try anyway, I guess.

Deviantart account || Toyhouse ||


  • Yuracye Yuracye (5 years ago)

    Hahaha, right? It's like a love hate thing. xD Eventually if that keeps happening on cheat days, you end up hating it altogether. I still crave Taco Bell, but that's about it!

  • LailaKin LailaKin (5 years ago)

    I tell you, it's really keeping me more on track now that I had that experience. I havent even wanted fast food since.

  • LailaKin LailaKin (5 years ago)

    We cheated the other night in a sense. I had only had 400 cal and time was short so we got Jack In The Box.. Let me warn you... Don't do it. It was awful. I was in so much pain. T-T

  • LailaKin LailaKin (5 years ago)

    Well, I lost like.. 5-7 lbs so far(daily fluctuations and whatnot) so I'd say things are improving. But my God is it a struggle not to eat EVERYTHING. Things are doing alright though! Can't complain

  • LailaKin LailaKin (5 years ago)

    I never responded to your last post! Apologies! Ive been caught up in work and trying to meal prep and saving for Vegas AND I found a new petsite Ive been obsessing on x.x;
    How are you?

  • Bean Bean (5 years ago)

    please accept the trade when you can :)


Cats, Mystery Skulls, Criminal Minds, Overwatch, Splatoon, Fiance, drawing.


Spiders, hot days D;, messy rooms, working.


Painting, Drawing, crocheting, cuddling with the fiance, roaming around avatar sites.