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Art by EDDY-Melodia @ deviantart of my OC, Amsi. <33

Hey there! I like to pile a shit ton of items on my avis and enjoy dank memes.
If you have any questions or there's an item layering issue, please let me know! I'll try my best to help. c:


  • Shampoo Shampoo (2 days ago)

    It was never like that BEFOOOOOOOOOOOORE!!

  • Shampoo Shampoo (3 days ago)

    check things on screens!

  • Shampoo Shampoo (3 days ago)

    Its a curse!! I think sometimes your mind just wants to do its own thing sometimes. My brain just falls asleep when I want to focus on something for a long time;; like to study or read, or check thing

  • Shampoo Shampoo (3 days ago)

    Same here and I want to chat more! Sometimes I just forget and get pulled into something else >|||< come on you can do this! You too! We can do all of the things!

  • Shampoo Shampoo (3 days ago)

    Hello! Thankies! You too! I guess you were already here >\\\<

  • Shampoo Shampoo (3 days ago)

    Howdy how!

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