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Ello ello, I joined cause oi love making avatars and a friend of mine was making some pretty cool avatars here.

I thought I'd mention usernames I've used before here and there:
Zuzukazoo, Mizu-no-kimi, Mizutakara, Tsumetai, Senarion, Amaya Clepsydra, and probably a few I'm forgetting. If you think you know me from somewhere don't be shy and leave a profile comment and I'll let ya know if it's me you're thinking of XD


  • Delightfully Delightfully (3 weeks ago)

    Ahhh I love your avatar!!

  • AlexiAkira AlexiAkira (2 months ago)

    Like, pre-made dollies?!?! OAO

  • AlexiAkira AlexiAkira (2 months ago)

    That doesn't sound like a bad idea! OuO but what about all the bells and toys that go with them? ;A;

  • AlexiAkira AlexiAkira (2 months ago)

    Ball jointed dolls are so pretty O 3 O!! Yet so painfully expensive!! @___ @;;;

  • MaxIsConfused MaxIsConfused (2 months ago)

    The Cat Cafe item was an event item, but it was gifted to me when I first joined, so idk what event it was from. ;u;

  • Aisukohi Aisukohi (9 months ago)

    Love your avi! *w* Like Lotus said, looks just like Kida! <3


Ball jointed dolls, art, music, manga.


waking up early