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Donator — They/Them Posted 2 years ago ( 2018/02/13 18:31:54 )

Do you have something that you'd like to say, but cannot bare to admit to your kin?
Are you feeling stressed, and are in need of getting something off of your chest?
Do you feel the need to just admit something personal about yourself?

Make a confession.

Thread idea credits go to Cherub on Sapherna.

Donator — They/Them Posted 2 years ago ( 2018/02/13 18:32:03 )

Keep what's said in this thread relegated to this thread.
Please do not gossip about anyone's problems or issues.
Do not pick any fights, or belittle anyone for what's said in this thread.

Do not post any identifying information in this thread. Whether it be to yourself, or another user. Keep things anonymous.

Feel free to use spoiler tags to hide your confession.

Donator — They/Them Posted 2 years ago ( 2018/02/13 18:43:19 )
i'll begin.
I feel as though you're ignoring me. i know so much is going on right now, I know the world seems to be collapsing around you. but time and time again, cancelled plans, heartache and more. i feel like we're both just piling onto each other's depression. it's you and me against the world, but i'm so sick of falling to the side.

Donator — Trash Posted 2 years ago ( 2018/02/13 22:56:00 )
Here we go~

The future is uncertain and I am afraid but also very excited.
I dont have a lot of family, nor do they really care to check up on me. I feel that if something were to happen in life I wont have any family to rely on. My own friends have been more of a family than my own blood relatives. I admit I have some trust issues from past situations so I like to rely on myself for many things.

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Voltie — She/Her Posted 2 years ago ( 2018/02/15 01:13:53 )

I love making friends, but I always choose the wrong people. It always turns, in the end, into a toxic relationship... Maybe it's just my anxiety, or I'm a bad judge of character. Maybe it's me.
(no one on here, btw. It's people I talk to on a daily or even weekly basis.)

I'm randomly active bc of anxiety!

Donator — Puzzling Posted 2 years ago ( 2018/02/15 21:36:47 )

Mmk then

I can't help but be worried. I don't know why but I am. And its been gnawing on me all week. I absolutely hate this feeling.


Voltie Posted 2 years ago ( 2018/02/16 02:03:06 )

I feel like nobody actually likes me but for some reason they won't tell me why, they just make rash decisions without explanation and I'm left crying my eyes out wondering what I did wrong.

Donator — Puzzling Posted 2 years ago ( 2018/02/16 04:56:16 )

I googled the answer because I didn't know it.Bet you feel real good now.


Donator — Anything Posted 2 years ago ( 2018/02/16 05:40:09 )

Sometimes I feel so helpless in this hateful world, like nothing I do can actually make anything better. And I start to wonder what the point of trying so hard to be good and kind is if the world will still be shitty anyways.


Donator — Im a dude Posted 2 years ago ( 2018/02/16 05:48:56 )
I don't believe anyone who say they care about me because literally every time I believe someone they show me that I am an idiot for thinking people would actually care for a pathetic loser like me.
Why do I try? Why do I bother? Why do I keep putting myself in a position to be hurt? Lmao because I am literally a god damn moron. Truly.

Artist — #1 Elf Posted 2 years ago ( 2018/02/16 06:01:48 )

I worry about too many things for a kid my age. Im struggling to make enough money for rent, and its stressing me to the point where im getting physically sick. I worried that im starting an endless cycle of misery, and once i get on this train, theres never getting off of it. I generally dont feel happy anymore. then again, i dont think i ever have. I worry too, that that will affect others around me. like my partner for example. Seeing as i have him in my life, i should feel a little bit of happiness. but i simply just dont.
Though, i dont feel sad either. Its just general emptiness, that i have no clue what to do with. I know he knows that i will this way. but i dont know how he feels about it. If he feels like somehow its his fault, or that he's useless, that'll make me feel terrible. but theres really no helping any of this. asides from well, professional help. and yet, i dont have enough time to seek that out. my life started out as a mess, and it continues to be one. and it will most likely end in one as well.


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Donator — Puzzling Posted 2 years ago ( 2018/02/21 20:57:38 )

Sorry I'm such a bother.


Admin — oink Posted 2 years ago ( 2018/02/21 21:18:14 )
I really want to make something of myself and prove to myself that I can do it, but then I do nothing to achieve that goal. Why am I like this? It’s like I don’t even care to try sometimes...everyday there is a million excuses. Just do it or give up already. Accept that your gonna be at either shitty jobs or jobs that you don’t care for and will just make you miserable down the line.

P L E A S E - P I N G - M E

Donator — Puzzling Posted 2 years ago ( 2018/02/22 04:13:26 )

I just needed you there as a friend. Thats it.
But you just wanted to push me away.
All I wanted was your company/presence.
And you refused to give me that.
And all it did was make me feel so much worse.


Donator — y33t Posted 2 years ago ( 2018/02/22 19:19:37 )

I love you. When you're around, suddenly nothing else matters. When you're not around, colors are brighter, my problems seem small. I just want to be a better person. For myself but for you too. Your friendship means the world to me, I wouldn't trade it for anything.

I spend my time flirting with anyone who will give me the time of day because I feel like I need to stop falling in love with you. I want to feel something, anything, for someone else. You're my friend and that's amazing, but I know if I don't shake this feeling now, I'm going to get in too deep and it will be too late. You said you don't want to lead me on but you already had me by a leash. I'm trying to slide the collar off. I don't know why you act the way you do when you see me flirt with someone else at the bar. You don't want me.

I'm not mad. I love you and I want you to be happy. But please, let me try and find my happiness too.


Voltie Posted 2 years ago ( 2018/02/24 16:11:23 )

I am sorry for ever assuming that we were friends. I'm sorry for not trusting my first instinct and not telling you the honest truth, because while I thought we were building a friendship you were using that to build a false wall of trust. Waiting and lurking behind false sincerity to use my words against me. I don't know if that was the plan from day one, or where things went wrong if not but they did and you hurt me deeply.
The false accusations, the bullshit, not to mention taking my moments of venting and using them against me at later times. It stung to find out, and it still stings. I can not yet think of you or your name without feelings of bitterness and hurt bubbling up in my chest.
I hope you get exactly what you deserve, whatever that may be.

Donator — y33t Posted 2 years ago ( 2018/02/26 19:24:21 )

The time I spend with you is better than anything else in my life. You kissed me in public on Thursday, you introduced me to family.

I have been having so much fun with you. I can't describe how I'm feeling. It's been so long since I've felt anything like it. You are worth every moment that we spend together, every hour that I stay awake thinking of you. I'm writing music again and I'm motivated and I'm fighting for my health and you are worth being here for. For once, I don't think dying would be easier. I'll wait as long as I have to for you.


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Donator Posted 2 years ago ( 2018/02/28 02:18:30 )
I've gotten to the point in life where I think it's actually impossible for me to make any sort of friends. I have some work acquaintances, they say we are friends, and yet I see them hanging out with each other but never inviting me. I know that me having a husband and child can sometimes create issues with creating plans but really it wouldn't be hard to just say "Hey, you wanna do something?" and me having the chance to say Yes or No. Most of the time I'm sitting at home with my son, trying to find something to occupy my time between the household chores.
I know I'm not the most funny person, or the easiest to get along with, or the most fun to be around.... but then don't tell me to my face that we are friends if you never make the effort to be a friend.
Please @ me.
My mind wanders so that ensures I come back.

Donator — Puzzling Posted 2 years ago ( 2018/03/4 00:39:46 )

I was in a "mood".
I felt ignored/in the way. No welcome. No hug. No PM. No real acknowledgement.
Wasn't going to make a big fuss over it. Just did my own thing instead.


Voltie — Obnoxious Posted 2 years ago ( 2018/03/4 04:24:32 )
I was honestly waiting for my best friend to get home, Even waited at our normal meeting spot. She showed and left like nothing was wrong, I assumed everything was fine so was talking with a mutual friend until she showed up. The first thing I see/notice is them saying they're gonna watch some anime. My thoughts were "Okay, Maybe they had a bad day and just want to relax and nothing is wrong. Maybe that's why they didn't say anything to me."
First time they talk they mention a phobia they have being in that anime, Which is awesome I like when they talk about stuff they like/dislike, It's very relaxing too me. Even if don't agree with it, It's at least something to talk about ya know?
But to move on from that, Everything is "fine" they continue to watch anime and show some interesting things in it. Fast forward a few hours, I still think everything is normal and fine so I try painting. Again I was feeling upset since I'm not good at it but as they said, "Can't expect to be good at everything when you first try it."
And I let that show by throwing a bit of a tantrum of self pity and blah blah. But turned out to be a catalyst into a much bigger argument, One I didn't expect or know about... We both have issues to where we're not fully comfortable talking about how we feel about something and we let stuff fester until it eventually explodes into a big argument.

I Know no friendship is perfect, None are it's just how things are. Some of the best friends WILL argue/fight and make up, It's human nature to not agree on everything, But friends will eventually talk about it ya know and make up. Know some things are SUPER hard to talk about and shouldn't have to talk about everything, People need some space and boundaries.

Again know I'm guilty of the same thing, But if something/someone is bothering you, TRY and bring it up or talk about it. MOST people don't wanna hurt others and have empathy towards people, Sometimes people just don't know what's going on or if you're doing something that is annoying/bothering them unless you talk about it. "You should know" People are AMAZING at putting up walls and facades around them, So no you can't KNOW everything. In fact the more you hang out with someone the better you get at hiding and/or redirecting it.

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