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Forums News & Updates City Hall - Updates & Notices || Updated 10/09/23

Npc — He/Him Posted 6 years ago ( 2018/08/19 23:02:11 )

This thread will contain notes on site updates as we roll them out.
These updates will be officially announced in upcoming Surges as well.

This includes but is not limited to:

  • Feature Updates
  • New Features
  • Bug Fixes
  • Item Changes
  • Layer Changes
  • Event Updates

Npc — He/Him Posted 6 years ago ( 2018/08/19 23:21:24 )
Trade Update & Streamlining

  • Initiating a trade now takes you into it straight away
    • You do not need to wait on the other user to accept/reject your trade request
    • You can add items and currency to the trade straight after requesting.

  • Trades now notify the user on updates for all steps
    • Trade start, update and closure.
    • No more forgetting to complete that trade that's gathering dust!

  • Once both users have confirmed it will go onto the next step, cutting overall steps in total.

  • When viewing completed trades from this update onward it will show the completion time of the trade and not creation time.
    • Past trades prior to this update will fall back to showing the creation date, as we did not store completion time before now.


Npc — He/Him Posted 6 years ago ( 2018/08/19 23:24:24 )
Inventory Update

  • Inventory will now show what main items are equipped.
    • Used to only show equipped poses and not highlight the main item.

  • Pose popups and interaction popups are now more responsive.
    • Fixed issue with inventory scroll bars pushing items around the inventory.
    • Fixed issue with the popovers being pushed off screen and being hidden.


Npc — He/Him Posted 6 years ago ( 2018/08/19 23:43:15 )
Forums & BBCodes

  • Forum main page has been optimized.
    • Now caches every 15 minutes.
    • Reduced Queries from 60+ to 3 for some data pulled
    • Still not as fast as we'd like, will look into more optimization later down the road!

  • Forum posts vanishing have now safely returned to their positions.

  • BBCode Updates & Fixes Include
    • [ list ] and [ * ] (as you may see) with sub list support.

    • [ code ] tags now supported.
      • When clicked on, the code box will highlight all content so you can copy it easily!

    • [ hr ] tags have been fixed!
      • When used will create a horizontal rule to separate content

    • [ youtube ] tags have been fixed!
      • Most Youtube URLs are Supported
      • The video code alone between the tags is also supported.

Npc — He/Him Posted 6 years ago ( 2018/08/31 00:14:07 )
BBCode Quick Update


Npc — He/Him Posted 6 years ago ( 2018/09/6 05:13:53 )
E-mail Verification and Trading Changes

  • You can now verify your email Here!
    • An email will be sent to you with a link & code to verify it.
    • The email may end up in your Spam folder, so be sure to check.

  • Trading now requires e-mail verification to prevent mule abuse.
    • For existing users, there are a few other flags that allow you to trade for now without verifying, but these will eventually be removed, so please verify your email as soon as possible, thank you!

Npc — He/Him Posted 6 years ago ( 2018/09/7 02:36:24 )
Mail Changes

  • Pressing enter will no longer send the message, this includes while holding down shift.
    • Many users experienced this as a frustrating issue, because they kept sending their messages prematurely.
    • This is how it works in many sites and programs such as Discord

  • You will now have to manually click the send button or use the keyboard shortcut CTRL + S to send the mail
  • If the functionality seems the same for you - please CTRL+F5 or clear your phones browser cache.

Npc — He/Him Posted 6 years ago ( 2018/09/10 02:22:35 )
Bug Fixes - 09/09/2018

  • Forums in the main listing no longer vanish if the recent poster is someone whom you have blocked.
    • A big thank you to Rallaa for bringing this to my attention and helping narrow down the problem.

  • View Posts page will now correctly link to the listed post instead of the first page.

  • Verifying your e-mail manually by entering the code now functions correctly.

  • Profile comments can now once again be deleted.

  • Fixed various issues with the < and > characters eating posts and breaking hearts. <3

Npc — He/Him Posted 6 years ago ( 2018/09/11 02:13:42 )
Topic Subject Limit Increase

  • Topic titles / subjects have had their limit upped to 100 characters.
    • Previously used to be 50 characters.
    • Will look into keeping the previous form data if an error strikes so you don't have to backspace / re-type everything over.

Npc — He/Him Posted 6 years ago ( 2018/09/16 00:38:21 )
Who stole all the cupcakes?!

  • Fixed issue with cupcakes disappearing early, you still have 4 and a half hours from this post to snag them if you haven't already!
  • Please note the event items in joyful jamboree will also leave at that time, so stock up now if you haven't!

Npc — He/Him Posted 6 years ago ( 2018/09/16 07:02:44 )
Party Pooper

The anniversary event has ended now, and we hope you enjoyed the goodies!

Joyful Jamboree kept the event items stocked for an extra two hours, we could say it was forgotten - or - we could be positive and say that was totally planned to make up for the cupcakes disappearing early.

Either way - thank you everyone for celebrating with us, and lets hope for many more years to come!

Npc — He/Him Posted 6 years ago ( 2018/09/22 21:17:11 )
Missing Characters

  • Fixed issue with some characters such as "+" not appearing in posts.

Npc — He/Him Posted 6 years ago ( 2018/09/24 16:48:59 )
Volt Calculation Issues

  • Fixed an issue with certain BBCodes not using the content inside when calculating volts for making/editing posts.
    • Example: Spoilers would not count text between when calculating volt total
    • [b], [i], [u], [s] also suffered from this bug as well.


Npc — He/Him Posted 6 years ago ( 2018/10/2 18:31:00 )
Topic Subject Limit Increases 2: Electric Boogaloo

  • Fixed issue with topic subjects still applying the old 50 char limit when editing a thread.
    • Now will correctly allow 100 characters.


Npc — He/Him Posted 6 years ago ( 2018/10/21 16:15:43 )
BBCode Sizing Derps

  • Fixed an issue with the BBCode size tag not working properly when used more than once in a row.

Npc — He/Him Posted 6 years ago ( 2018/10/21 17:45:53 )
Whoops - Broke trades!

Sorry about this - but trades are broken due to a little push I sent forward.
I'm working on fixing it as soon as possible and will make another dev notice when it has been fixed!

Npc — He/Him Posted 6 years ago ( 2018/10/21 17:54:36 )
Trades are back and better!

  • Sorry about that little hiccup there! They're back now though, only left to the shop for some milk.

  • Trades will now show the thumbnail icon of the actual item itself being sent.
    • This means that common items will show up as their coloured version rather than the greyscale.
    • ( No more greyscale lobsters in your trades from okios for example. )
    • Due to a large amount of Appearance items lacking unique thumbnails for their coloured variants, they will show the group icon still.

  • Trade tabs will no longer randomise each time you submit an item to the trade.
    • These tabs should now follow the same strict ordering as you find in your inventory.


Npc — He/Him Posted 6 years ago ( 2018/10/25 03:16:48 )
Post actions, BBCode buttons and Previews?!

Ho-boy we have a large update here so I'll be breaking it down in this post.
If you've been wondering why I've been a bit quiet for the last few weeks you now know why!
These updates have changed quite a bit around the forums and site and though we've bug tested some may still linger.
If you find any bugs to do with this update, I urge you to post them over here!
Bugs posted in that thread will be much more visible to me and brought to my attention sooner.
Lets hope you don't come across any though.

Now that the big disclaimer has ended, time to get to the meat and bones of the update.

Post Actions

  • Die Rolling!
    • You can roll up to 5 sets of die on a single post with unique sides for each.
    • You may roll up to a 100 sided die.
    • You may roll up to 20 times per unique side of die.
    • You will be shown the range of what number you can get total while you're entering in the die roll sides and rolls.

  • Random Number Generation
    • You can generate a random number between 0 and 2,147,483,647.
    • For ranges between 0 - 99,999 an image will be shown. Higher ranges will not show an image (it'd stretch the page too much.)

  • How to use post actions
    • Due to not wanting to squash everything together, the post actions are not in the quick reply box.
    • Instead - we have a brand new "New Reply/Post" page, which will have the post actions.
    • You will find them in a drop down select box next to our brand new BBCode Buttons.
      • Once you select what post action you would like to use - a box will appear under the smilies on the left. This box will contain all the inputs for the post action - and will be how you control what the post action does!
    • Once you trigger an action it is irreversible, this is to prevent cheating/scams.

BBCode Buttons

  • The BBCode List has been removed - and instead replaced with shiny new BBCode buttons!
    • BBCode buttons will track where you are in the text box so it will insert the BBCode where you were!
    • Highlighting something in the box and then pressing a button will either:
      • Wrap the BBCode around the highlighted text OR
      • Use the highlighted text as the parameter instead of the default parameter.
      • Parameters are things such as the color in [color], url in [url], username in [quote] etc..

  • Please note that improvements to the BBCode system in general is something I'm still looking into.
  • This will not be the final update for BBCodes and any suggestions for improvements will be noted down too!

Post Previewing!

  • You can now preview posts in the new post page, new topic page and edit post page.
    • For the quick reply box - pressing preview will take you to the new post page w/ all of your data saved!
    • This can also be a handy way to get to the new post page if you're at the bottom of the page.

New Post/Reply Page

  • The new post/reply page is dedicated to posting without using quick reply.
    • The main way to get to the new reply/post page is through the "New Reply" button at the top of topics.
    • The quick reply box will still remain, however new features added to posting will be only put into this new page.
    • This is because having a singular page for posting allows more room to add features and previews.
    • Using the quick reply preview will bring you here with your message saved, so don't worry about losing it!

View Topic Layout Changes

  • To give room for post actions the posts layout has been altered.
    • Pray I don't alter it any further.
    • Tried to keep to the original look as much as possible.
    • Action buttons [Friend, PM, Trade, Ignore] have been moved to the bottom of the avatar.
    • Horizontal rule to break up posts slightly better so people don't get confused on which action is whose.
    • New Reply Button at the top of the page, limited pagination to 5 pages each side of current.

With that, I've explained the update!
If you have any more questions or concerns please message me or post in feedback.
If you notice any bugs due to this update or with this update, please post them in the thread mentioned earlier.

Seeing anything not working properly? Press CTRL+F5 and try again!

Npc — He/Him Posted 6 years ago ( 2018/10/26 02:19:44 )
Temporarily Disabled Code and Youtube BBCodes

  • The CODE and YOUTUBE tags have been temporarily disabled due to layout breaking issues.
    • They will be re-enabled once I fix the issue


Npc — He/Him Posted 6 years ago ( 2018/11/1 01:39:49 )
Code BBCode Re-enabled

  • The [code] tag is now available to use once more.
    • Youtube tags are still being worked on before they are re enabled.


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