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Forums News & Updates City Hall - Updates & Notices || Updated 10/09/23

Npc — He/Him Posted 5 years ago ( 2019/08/5 16:14:41 )
Event Forum Archived

  • All threads in the Event forum have been locked and moved to the Breaker Beach 2019 archives forum.
  • Remember, if you'd like to keep any of your threads please contact a Moderator to unlock and move the thread to it's appropriate new home!

Npc — He/Him Posted 5 years ago ( 2019/08/8 20:36:01 )
Event Concluded

  • The Breaker Beach Boardwalk event has officially come to a close as all assets were removed the night of August 7th, 2019, as stated in the event's FAQ thread.
  • All event assets - layout, landing page, currency, and event items - have been removed.
  • Thank you for your participation and we hope you enjoyed Voltra's Summer event!

Npc — He/Him Posted 5 years ago ( 2019/08/28 04:37:42 )
Accessibility Update

  • You can now go to your Accessibility Settings and choose to always have your full currency shown at all times.
    • For example: 23K -> 23,298

  • Previously some mobile users could not view their full currency amount.
    If you are primarily a mobile user, this setting should fix that for you!

Npc — He/Him Posted 5 years ago ( 2019/09/10 17:24:14 )
Forum Update

  • You now need to wait 5 seconds between posting since your last.
    • This is to prevent a mass-amount of currency to be injected into the system.
    • We know you volties are zipping with energy and might not like this, but unfortunately it's a must.

  • Quick Reply will now display any errors correctly instead of sending you to a 404 page.
    • It will now send you to the new reply page, with any errors shown and your message saved so you don't have to re-type it.


Npc — He/Him Posted 5 years ago ( 2019/10/23 21:19:45 )
Support Ticket System

  • You can now submit Support Tickets
  • Volties can be reported from their Profiles.
  • Individual posts can be reported by clicking the "Report" button below the relevant post.
  • Tickets may be marked as "urgent."
  • Tickets may be submitted anonymously, but you will not be able to receive a reply.

Npc — He/Him Posted 5 years ago ( 2019/10/23 22:01:40 )
Ban System Improvements

  • Banned Volties will be immediately kicked from their login session once banned, rather than being given a 24 hour grace period.
  • Banned Volties will not be able to log in. Upon attempting to log in, they will be directed to a page explaining why they were banned.
  • Banned Volties' profiles, topics, posts, and comments will no longer be visible.
  • Notifications and messages from banned Volties will no longer be visible.
  • Banned Volties will no longer be visible in Friend lists.

Npc — He/Him Posted 5 years ago ( 2019/10/23 23:29:10 )
Privacy Settings

  • There is a new tab under "Settings" for Privacy options.
  • "Hide Profile" hides your profile for both you and other Volties.
  • "Hide Online Status" will mark you as offline on your Profile, in friend lists, and by your forum posts. You will not show up in the "Online Volties" section of the Forums, and will not show up in your friends' "online" friends dropdown in the header.
  • "Disable Friend Requests" prevents other Volties from adding you as a friend, and hides the option to add you as a friend on your profile.

Npc — He/Him Posted 5 years ago ( 2019/11/4 06:43:53 )
Item Updates!

  • Any items with 'Black, White, Offwhite, Gold, etc' in their names have been changed to their respective Voltra Color names! This will be how all items are named going forward so that the actual color names are being used! We have two different whites, and in the future hope to have more colors, so this will help everyone know what colors are actually being used!
  • The Witch Hats have had their names updated (the black and white witch hats went from Black Star Witch Hat/White Star Witch Hat to Coal Witch Hat/Cloud Witch Hat). The items themselves will be being fixed shortly!
  • Shark Slayer has had the body suits added!

As always, if you have any other issues or questions regarding items, please feel free to tell us about it in the Pixel Perfect thread!

Npc — He/Him Posted 5 years ago ( 2019/12/15 18:23:03 )
Misc. Updates

  • Notifications for announcements (turn off announcement notifications through Settings > Accessibility)
  • Disable custom font on Forums (under Settings > Accessibility)
  • Absolute timestamps for Forum posts; reflective of time zone
  • "Show full currency" now shows full currency for event currency in addition to Volts/Ohms
  • Polls can be added when making a new topic
  • Trading currency bug fixed
  • Removed advertisements

Npc — He/Him Posted 10 months ago ( 2023/09/15 05:22:38 )
Misc. Updates

  • Renamed "Messy Hair" to "Tousled Hair with Bangs" because Messy Hair was already taken
  • Added "Tousled Hair" and "Tousled Hair Bangs" to Vivacious Hair
  • 4/6 event items completed and uploaded
  • FAQ event story finalized
  • Event illustrations and graphics completed
  • 2 Crate Sets completed and submitted for review

Npc — He/Him Posted 10 months ago ( 2023/09/23 21:43:48 )
Misc. Updates

  • Commons Review to be posted this upcoming week (every 10th common)
  • One of the Two completed Crate Sets uploaded.
  • Goodie Bag and Bundle Completed
  • Tousled Hair tabbed and now appears under hair tab
  • Tousled Hair Bangs tabbed and now appears under bangs tab
  • Added "Spa Mask" to High-Rise Accessories
  • R Earring Layer moved to layer over R Bicep
  • Reaping Ritual story and sign-ups posted

Npc — He/Him Posted 9 months ago ( 2023/10/9 05:56:19 )
Misc. Updates

  • Commons Review Surge Posted
  • Runway Voting Thread Created
  • Event Threads Updated
  • Second completed Crate Set submitted to IT for prep. 1/2 Uploaded.
  • Reaping Ritual Prep; 3/7 event items have progressed to pixel stage
  • Tousled Hair Bangs (Lilac) tabbing fixed
  • Added "Mystic Sword" to High Rise Accessories
  • Added 6 new commons to be prepped and Uploaded
  • Reaping Ritual Event Check In, on track for release.

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