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Forums News & Updates City Hall - Updates & Notices || Updated 10/09/23

Npc — He/Him Posted 6 years ago ( 2018/12/5 01:10:45 )
[Item Update] NPC Plushies

  • NPC Vyctor and Vanora Plushies have been merged into a new item called "NPC Plushies"
  • This item will contain both the Vyctor and Vanora plushies as poses.
  • There may be more NPC plushies added to this item as poses later on.
  • All occurances of the old versions have been changed to the new ones, you may notice you have more of them than before in some cases, this is intended.

Thank you Lilypoo and Hazer!

Npc — He/Him Posted 6 years ago ( 2018/12/7 02:55:24 )
[Item Update] Candy Cane Lane

  • Added 5 new poses to the item that are just the snow item.
  • Also had some issues editing the set so if you saw anything wonky it was because of that. Everything should be correct now!

Npc — He/Him Posted 6 years ago ( 2019/01/3 04:00:12 )
You wanna scrap?!

  • You can now directly purchase Valentina's EI's with scraps.
    • You will find this option under the exchange page.
    • Buying it directly for scraps will cost TWICE as much than if you bought it with materials.
    • We are aware the icons are broken for this, we'll work on it asap.


Npc — He/Him Posted 6 years ago ( 2019/01/3 23:45:08 )
Active Topics Update

  • The Undercurrent topics will no longer show in the Active Topics section of the forum homepage.

Npc — He/Him Posted 6 years ago ( 2019/01/4 05:55:33 )
Undercurrent Currency Caps

  • The Undercurrent was supposed to have a 10 volt cap per post but it had a 50 volt cap.
    • The cap is now correctly set to 10 volts.
    • The multiplier for character counting for volts has been adjusted
      • Increased from 0.2 -> 1

  • The Undercurrent was supposed to have a 0 to 1 chance at getting Bells
    • The rates have been changed from 2-3 -> 0-1 as intended.


Npc — He/Him Posted 6 years ago ( 2019/01/4 06:03:47 )
[Item Update] Holiday Lights

  • There have been new poses added to the holiday lights event item!
    • You can now find holiday light frames as poses for this item.
    • Thank you Lilypoo for pixeling and adding these in!

Npc — He/Him Posted 6 years ago ( 2019/01/6 09:01:48 )
Forum Setting BBCode Buttons

  • Fixed an issue with the BBCode buttons not working in the Forum Settings page.

Npc — He/Him Posted 6 years ago ( 2019/01/6 09:07:20 )
Sneaky Testing

  • The Test Forum has been excluded from the Active Topics and Recent Topics lists.

Npc — He/Him Posted 6 years ago ( 2019/01/7 23:25:19 )
Event Extension

  • The events have been extended to the 15th of January

  • Val's Holiday Surprise
    • Items available until 15th January
    • Crafting Scraps can be earned until 15th January

  • Winter Solstice 2018
    • Items available in shops until 15th January
    • Calendar grants available until 15th January
    • Bells can be earned until 15th January
    • Daily Chance additions available until 15th January

Hope this clears up any confusion and hope you enjoy the extension to the event!

Npc — He/Him Posted 6 years ago ( 2019/01/8 08:29:48 )
What's that trade?!

  • You can now title your trades.
    • Click the trade title at the top once inside and it will turn into an input box allowing you to re-name your trade!
    • Character limit is 100
    • Only the sender can name the trade
    • You can only name the trade in the first stage.


Npc — He/Him Posted 6 years ago ( 2019/01/10 14:34:48 )
Planned Server Maintenance - 16th January 2019

Hello Volties!

I thought i'd let you know now that Voltra will be going down for maintenance on the 16th of January (in 6 days).
This will happen at 6pm Voltra time and we're giving it an expected downtime of 1-2 hours.
It will probably be much less than that, but we can't predict what issues we may come across while doing it.
So, what is it you wonder?

We are moving our site to a new host/server to improve our reliability and speeds.
Many of you have noticed Error 500's and images not loading properly in inventories.
These issues are made much worse due to server strain and some may be caused entirely by it.
We've outgrown our current server and it's best for us to move onto new shiny pastures.
This will mean moving our website, images, databases, domain name server, pretty much everything.
During this time if users posted/donated/traded/did anything while we were moving the progress would be lost.
So instead we will be taking the website down to prevent that loss of information.

There will be a maintenance page up while we're going through the swap which will give more information.
We will also be available on Discord and will post updates on there and Facebook.
Thank you for staying with us Volties, and from what we've experienced you will love how fast and reliable Voltra will become!

Npc — He/Him Posted 6 years ago ( 2019/01/16 06:11:02 )
Event Closed - Valentina's Holiday Surprise & Winter Solstice

  • All currency and shop items, daily chance items have been removed.
  • The event forum will be cleaned out soon.
  • Hope you enjoyed the event!

Npc — He/Him Posted 6 years ago ( 2019/01/17 11:12:18 )
Maintenance Complete!

The maintenance has been completed and you will notice the websites speeds have improved significantly.
If you come across any new bugs or issues you think maybe related to the transfer, please post in the bug reports forum or message me.

Thank you for your patience with us while we moved!

Npc — He/Him Posted 6 years ago ( 2019/01/17 14:25:14 )
Fixed Avatar Saving

  • Fixed a permissions issue which prevented avatars images updating.

Npc — He/Him Posted 6 years ago ( 2019/01/18 13:55:09 )
Email Server Issues

  • Currently since the move we have not re-setup an e-mail server yet.
  • It is in our todo list but for now all emails will not correctly go through.
  • In the meantime if you need your e-mail manually verified please contact an admin.

Npc — He/Him Posted 5 years ago ( 2019/01/21 06:14:27 )
Email Verification disabled

  • New users who sign up will be automatically verified and able to trade until we get a mail server up and running!

Npc — He/Him Posted 5 years ago ( 2019/01/23 14:53:59 )
Trading Fixes

  • Fixed issue with item names not displaying on hover.
  • Made it so the inventory will always follow a certain sorting method (by ascending name).
    • This means no more inventory items dancing around each time you add an item into the trade.


Npc — He/Him Posted 5 years ago ( 2019/01/30 17:29:16 )
Exploit Fixed

  • Fixed a nasty little exploit that allowed item duplication.

Npc — He/Him Posted 5 years ago ( 2019/01/30 17:47:34 )
A refreshing trade update!

  • Adding / Removing items from trades will no longer refresh the page.
  • Removing an item will put it in the removed items box temporarily, until page refresh.
  • Added quantities of: x25, x50 and ALL
  • Redesigned the group items popup box slightly so it is easier to use.

Npc — He/Him Posted 5 years ago ( 2019/03/15 10:59:23 )
Voltra's Postman Returns!

  • Voltra's Email server is back up and running.
    • This means email-verification emails will be sent properly now.
    • New users will no longer be automatically verified due to this being now fixed.


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