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Kairu She/her

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Kairu IRL is a plant that looks like an Oddish.

Also an ninja art giver. Art Gallery

This plant barely owns volts. RIP. Wishlist

A big fan of Gary x Jerry. Ghosties for life! ouo/


  • Keturah Keturah (4 days ago)

    uwu <3

  • Seionshi Seionshi (1 month ago)

    I currently don't have funds to actually request one, but I always like to keep information for future commissions!

  • Seionshi Seionshi (2 months ago)

    Hiya~ Do you have a deviantart, or a commission price sheet?

  • Keo Keo (2 months ago)

    nuuu!!!!! Throw out your clocks and disregard time altogether then >:3 lol jk
    How have you been? *u*

  • Keo Keo (2 months ago)

    Thank you! :D
    Time flies when your focused! I notice hours slip away from me when I get in the zone lol

  • Keo Keo (2 months ago)

    Aww i feel you on that. Im in the US and in Florida which imo is a cesspool of stupid xD
    Not really safe to leave my home often or for to long, so life has been very different.
    Yaaay!!! Me to!


Sweets, all the purple


im a chronic sleeper (naps +1000)


Art, Coding, Writing