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Hi, Im an artist and a coder. (mainly artist for now). Im only available in evenings on weekdays mostly due to work. I would like to make new friends!

I have discord account, feel free to ask my discord!


  • boyrrito boyrrito (1 week ago)

    sleepy gary x jerry best ship

  • Ruby Ruby (2 weeks ago)

    Yeah Im so used to pantheon now I forgot what it was like to have to make sure items had the same colors xD (since on panth you can dye any item any color)

  • Ruby Ruby (2 weeks ago)

    Didn’t even know it was yours when I voted :3
    Oh thanks! :D I never use these colors so I wanted to try something different:D

  • Ruby Ruby (2 weeks ago)

    Your avi is super cute! I voted for yours :3

  • djinn djinn (3 months ago)

    omg what are those cute hair clips??

  • Ruby Ruby (3 months ago)

    Your avi is so cute!




I can sleep so easily... (everywhere)


Art, Coding, Writing