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Heyo ~ I'm Megan

I enjoy playing D&D with my husband, taking photos, and playing video games. I'm currently praying for my luck to turn around so I can upgrade my computer and play Fortnite again (my one true love), I fancy myself a writer though I am out of practice severely. I'm turning into a home chef and dream of having a huge kitchen garden and pantry.

I'm saving up money to fund my startup costs for my portrait photography business : Everyday Magic Photography. I'm not looking forward to having to go back to a corporate customer service position but gotta pay them bills. oTL

I struggle with C-PTSD and hypothyroidism. Working on healing a ~lot~ of childhood, teen, and young adult family trauma and regulating my nervous system.


  • Ruby Ruby (5 months ago)

    No worries! I too open messages and then forget I haven’t replied xD thank you! Yours is cute too :D

  • Ruby Ruby (1 year ago)

    Welcome to Voltra :3 I also love cats and photography~


kitty snuggles, learning to cook, listening to music, playing video games, Dungeons & Dwagons, Game of Thrones, Supernatural, and of course: Sailor Moon


Being woken up from naps


Photography, MMOs, Roller Skating, Kitty Snugs, Baking Bread