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Hello i am a genuine ray of sunshine nice to meet you. I am literally super friendly and I'm keen to fit in here and find a niche ;) I live in England, I'm 25, female, and run on GMT. I am easily impressed. I love animals, history, jewelry, horror, literature. I am abundantly sunny.

I am rather forgetful and I type everything on my phone so there will be typos abound.

I am Fizz on Subeta and I was astronaut back on Ernya.

(Note: please don't feel stressed about/obligated to reply to anything I write on here - I totally understand that Stuff happens and carrying on a conversation can be Difficult. I get it, 100%. No worries. Alternatively, you could reply after 6 months and I'd still carry on like nothing happened :P)

by Amakai


  • Lina Lina (1 week ago)

    Thanks! I’m totally obsessed with the new stitched item!

  • Lina Lina (1 week ago)

    Amazing avatar!!!

  • Totalanimefan Totalanimefan (2 weeks ago)

    If I give you a common orb to open will you post your results on this thread? XD

  • Priestess of Pie Priestess of Pie (1 month ago)

    Your avi is so cute! The color combo is so unique!

  • Aisukohi Aisukohi (1 month ago)

    You're welcome! And that's okay--I hardly venture to people's profiles except maybe to look at their avis and the items they have equipped. xD Nice to know it's you!!

  • Aisukohi Aisukohi (1 month ago)

    Your current avi is so adorable! Also, didn't know you were astronaut!! This is iWrox in case you didn't already know. xD Heeeey!!


pretty rocks, pixel art, nature