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Donator — nyan? Posted 3 years ago ( 2017/08/22 23:39:47 )
This thread is for people rant about things on their mind, to help them deal with stress and other issues affecting them and their mental health.

Please but abuse and sexual abuse under spoilers as it could be very triggering to some readers.

Donator — Puzzling Posted 3 years ago ( 2017/08/24 01:06:46 )
This is a small rant, but one that annoys the ever living crap out of me. If you do this thing, please do not take offense to it as it is nothing against you personally. I'm guilty of doing this myself now and again (which I then get mad at myself for). This is just a personal issue of mine. So again...please do not take offense as that is not what is intended. <3

Assuming the worst OR assuming something is about you. Now, assuming the worst can be a history thing. A lot has happened to you so you just assume the worst of something or maybe just of a specific person. That is not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about the smallest of things, as in super duper itsy bitsy makes your entire day ruined. I'm talking like, you opened one crate and are already assuming you won't get the bonus item, but instead of leaving it at just that, you have a woe is me, angry at the world party. When you know the crate has only a 15% chance of getting that item but you are still going to take it out on the world. NOW I know that sounded specific, as if someone did that, but honestly that isnt it and I just thought it was a good example lol. I'm talking about people who assume they will never ever be able to save money for that one thing, then don't even try, but still act pissed off towards everyone about it. Pity me that I cant get this thing that I won't even bother trying for. Or I'm gonna throw a hissy fit because I didn't get that bonus item. It just irks me oh so much. I understand some things can be annoying, or we're having an off day and its the smallest of things that makes everything else topple. Things happen, and as I've said, I've been there and done it, but holy cow does it annoy me lol.

And assuming that something is about them, when they have no clue or don't even bother asking. I have seen a lot of this on facebook. Someone makes a status as little as "People can be so annoying." and everyone and their mom thinks its about them. I personally hate when I'm having an off/bad day, maybe just feeling a little blah, or heck, maybe I do have a big reason but its more of a 'this is my problem, this is about me' kind of thing, and whoever you are talking to assumes is alllllllllll about them. That they have to be the reason you are upset. That somehow, they are the reason you are behaving the way you are. That surely they said or did something wrong that made you as angry as you are. What? You're having a bad day? Its because of me, isnt it? And it makes it even worse when you don't wanna talk about it and despite saying "nope, not you" they still continue "it is. Can I fix it? What did I do wrong? Please just tell me." I just wanna shake the person and be like "The world doesnt revolve around you! Stop making it seem like you are the only reason my day could possibly be bad! There are other things and people in this world! You aren't the only one!"

UGH!! lol..So thats my little rant. Again, hope no one took offense. Just me sprouting random grrness. It helps to write things out to get it out of the system so you can move on, which is exactly why I'm typing it up. So shoo negative feelings. You're taking up too much room that my positive can't fit.

Donator — Local birb Posted 3 years ago ( 2017/08/25 11:11:01 )
To sum all my rants into one topic... Can we just disown August and re-name this month July PT 2? August is an unlucky month for me.

Voltie — He/They Posted 3 years ago ( 2017/08/29 01:33:42 )
I'm so tired of artist's block!

I would love SO MUCH to be able to express myself creatively again... but it feels like when I try, there's nothing there. I have a million ideas bouncing around in my mind, but when I try to put them down on 'paper' it is just a jumbled mess and I end up getting more stressed.

I want to draw a million different pictures of our OCs, or fanart, or anything... but nope, I go to draw and I can't even think of a pose idea. I search through poses and not a single one speaks to me...

I want to write, to start up the sequel to my fanfic, to start up a fanfic for another fandom... but nope, I go to write and the words are a jumbled mess. I don't know where to start, or where to go. Usually the words just... flow freely, like the characters are writing themselves, but right now it seems like they've all taken a vacation.

I want to play with our dolls, to do their face-ups and take pictures of them, or sew... but nope, I look over at them and it just makes me tired. I love them, they're all beautiful... but I feel really detached right now. There's so many projects that need doing but I just... don't have it in me.

Uggggh creative blocks are so frustrating!

Donator — she, her Posted 3 years ago ( 2017/08/29 04:38:56 )
This is going to sound so freaking petty, but I will be so hurt if my best-friend does not choose me as a bridesmaid for her wedding. It would just mean that I thought I was closer to another person then they actually meant to me. Which is a reoccurring them in my life.

My relationship is honestly falling apart at the seems and it absolutely destroys me daily that we don't see each other more than 8 waking hours a week, yet we live together. I am trying, and I'm falling apart and I can't keep it together.

Foever in my heart
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Donator — nyan? Posted 3 years ago ( 2017/08/31 18:35:34 )
i don't know what to do
it's morning one of our 'break' and i miss you so badly
i see you in everything i do. i thought of you the second i opened my eyes. it feels like a knife is stabbing through me and i don't know what to do with myself. i can't eat, i'm shocked i slept. my eyes are so swollen. i can't go a day without you, if this break doesn't work, how am i supposed to go the rest of my life? i'm a mess.

this is a rant thread. no one contact me about what i've posted. i don't want to talk about it.

sell me rigs please♥

Donator — Anything Posted 3 years ago ( 2017/09/3 12:11:50 )
Can everyone just please stop being such a raging thunder$*^&?

I've been dealing with so many assholes at work that I can feel my soul being sucked out of me. I just wish people would stop being dicks. I know I'm probably one of very few people who operates by a "be nice to others, try to empathize with them, support each other, blahblahblah" mentality of always trying to be the "better person" and make the world a better place but it's seriously depressing to see how many people give absolutely no shits about anyone else but themselves, and how utterly depraved some people are. How utterly selfish and lazy and just ugly. Ugly in their souls, man. Why do we have so many ugly ass soul people? Knock it off, world. Knock that shit right off. I'm damn tired of it.

Voltie — sewer rat Posted 3 years ago ( 2017/09/3 22:48:29 )
i need to use the bathroom but some one is in it. uuuuuUWAAAAAAAAAAA

my life soundtrack right now: Naruto - Strong and Strike

Voltie — Obnoxious Posted 3 years ago ( 2017/09/4 20:17:45 )
My only rant is against stalkers/creeps.

If you know someone from a past site/forums and contact em and can connect again great, I'm all for it.
if you initiate the conversation and they don't respond then just shut up and wait or bugger off...
But if you're an ex or just trying to hook up with someone and that's the first thing you do when you join a new site... It's creepy... It gives off a MAJOR creeper/stalker vibe.

Voltie — He/They Posted 3 years ago ( 2017/09/7 00:08:16 )

I hate my mother.

At least EIGHT YEARS I have been going by 'he' pronouns. Recently it became he and they, both of which I am equally comfortable with.

But my 'mother' still 'slips up'. During an argument with my husband over text messages last night, she straight up referred to me as 'she'.

When he called her on it, she of course made excuses instead of apologizing. (She later told me that she did apologize, as if unaware of the fact that I'm capable of reading the messages myself... which she shouldn't be, because I told her that.)

She continued to make excuses as to why she should be allowed to slip up... after eight years. When he called her on using the wrong pronouns when I'm not around, she called him mean and a liar, even though she does do that and has admitted to it.

He told her repeatedly that she's hurting me and she told him she didn't care. She said that she's tired of there being 'conditions' in our relationship, as if I should be fine with her still calling me 'she' after EIGHT YEARS. But it's not even that she just slips up, because she joined a bunch of groups of FB called 'I love my daughter!' when she only has sons! She stated that if we can't accept that she 'makes mistakes' (again, after eight fucking years), she doesn't want us in her life.

Good fucking riddance, bitch.

Then, when she was backed into a corner, she lashed out and told him that it was him who was causing me hurt, because he kept pointing out that what she was doing was wrong. Apparently she thinks he's telling me lies and that I would be completely fine with being misgendered if he wasn't there to tell me it wasn't okay. Because, you know... all non-binary people would be fine with it if he wasn't around to tell them it hurts.

This woman is toxic. I feel blessed to have her gone from my life. Under her rule I was miserable, constantly misgendered, and criticized at every turn. She belittled me being the head artist of an avatar site, belittled me for not having jobs (despite being DISABLED), belittled me for not being able to do the things she wanted me to do. She expected too much of me too quickly, telling me I needed to be able to sew purses to sell them when I had just started learning to sew. She treated me like dirt...

...And she still is. She won't change. She'll always pretend she's the victim, even when she's the abuser. Even when it's pointed out that she's the abuser.

Again, good riddance, bitch. Just know that when you come crawling back trying to start up a conversation again (but she wont apologize. She never has and never will), I will slam the door so hard in your face it'll break a second time.


Voltie — Tenno Posted 3 years ago ( 2017/09/7 00:53:16 )
I'm only putting this in a spoiler since it is pretty long, plus its about work. (I was at work when I wrote this.)
Basicly, I'm tired of having to bust my damn ear drums at work in the break room. As soon as it hits around 1:40pm, a whole lot of people come in to clock in at 2:00pm for their last route of the day. But they get so damn loud in here! They complain about someone being in the break room on talking on the phone, but NO ONE SAYS A DAMN THING ABOUT THE DAMN NOISE LEVEL!

Probably the other thing that erks me is that even if you have your stuff on a chair, or infrount of the chair, people will go right there and just sit there. You come back (from the bathroom or something), give them a look saying that you were sitting there. But they don't care if you were or not.

The other thing is that there are so many backstabbers here too. You turn your back for a moment, they will talk about you. Its so damn annoying!

Voltie — Tenno Posted 3 years ago ( 2017/09/8 07:47:14 )
I've been so stressed lately and its been driving me up a wall. I don't have anyone to talk to about what has been going on with me lately. I haven't been able to be by myself so I could talk to my boyfriend about this shit. I just don't know what to do any more about anything and I don't know where to turn.

I don't think anyone at work or anywhere else likes me. Half time I just assume that no one likes me. But then again, I don't know if I come off as annoying, too depressed, or just too friendly. I just wish I couldn't feel anything, like no fucking emotions at all. But no, I can't turn it off. I hate having to say that 'I'm sorry' to almost everything.

Plus the one thing that I can't get anyone to understand is that I hate myself more than anyone. I can't get my boyfriend to understand, I can't even get a close friend to understand this. The last time I told a close friend about this, they said that I was only trying to get attention, which, no, I wasn't. I hate myself and I can't do a thing about it. I've been trying my best for YEARS to keep my head straight, and it never works. I'm not even sure what to do anymore.

Voltie — He/They Posted 3 years ago ( 2017/09/11 22:01:44 )
Guess who saw this coming, Pewdie-fans?

*holds a big red YouTube thumbnail arrow, pointing to self and all of my fellow Jews*

We freakin' warned you! x:

Voltie — alien Posted 3 years ago ( 2017/09/11 22:42:39 )
I have the worst sleeping schedule bc of my long distance boyfriend and I was awake from 1:30 until 5am and I'm going to see a film today and i hate myself why do i do this

Please @ me to get my attention. C:

Voltie — Tenno Posted 3 years ago ( 2017/09/11 23:21:30 )
I have a strong feeling that I'm probably gonna have to shut down my art shop completely. I know that the site has only been open for at least 2 weeks, but no one has even remotely looked at my shop unless I was offering freebies.

I tried asking for help pricing wise and no one said a damn thing about it. So I ended up just putting down a set price that could be comfortable with. Still nothing. I placed my drawn art as the cheapest since its not that good. I put my pixel art as 500 400 volts, as of now, since it takes me so long to do. But the animation stuff depends greatly on everything.

Seems to me that people will only come to anything that I offer for free, but not so much when I start selling the stuff. I probably shouldn't have canceled all of my pixel doll orders on Sapherna. :/ Good thing I decided to do pixel icons for Sailor Moon characters.

Why did I even think that this place was going to be any different from Gaia selling art wise? I probably should have bothered after seeing that people are way better then me. All I get is: "Oh, your art is so cute!" or "Your art style is very unique!" Complements on my art doesn't give me anything. It doesn't pay me to buy pixel clothes.

Also, the other thing that probably pisses me off the more is that when I did offer freebies on here, I didn't get a thank you for at least 2 thank yous out of the 4 freebies that I fucking did! I worked hard on it, regardless if it was drawn or not! At least THANK THE ARTIST FOR THE FUCKING FREEBIE!

If you read this and think that ordering from my shop will make me feel better, don't. It really fucking won't help a god damn thing. I'm probably going to close the shop in a few days anyways, so ordering now will be pointless.
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Donator — Trash Posted 3 years ago ( 2017/09/12 08:36:21 )
I simply wish people were more straightforward rather than making excuses to "save someones feelings",
or because they are too cowardly to talk one-on-one about things that matter.

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Voltie — sewer rat Posted 3 years ago ( 2017/09/12 18:50:10 )

Donator — She/her Posted 3 years ago ( 2017/09/13 02:00:43 )
So I'm at work thinking it's gonna be such a great day. Setting a website live, fixing issues on another site quickly, no big deal. But now DNS won't propagate properly and I'm just SO FREAKING DONE with dealing with all of this. I have all of the DNS records changed and added properly but NOTHING I try works.

On top of that, one of my difficult clients just called with the stupidest requests ever. They're so freaking picky and want to change some meaningless stuff. They even wanna change stuff that makes NO SENSE from a design point of view to change.

Today can be done anytime now.

Voltie — sewer rat Posted 3 years ago ( 2017/09/13 04:11:51 )

sayonara cheesecakes ( 0 ڡ≦)ゞ✩◄-gallery-►

Voltie — He/They Posted 3 years ago ( 2017/09/14 00:23:17 )
How... how are people so ignorant?

Like... I keep seeing people commenting how others are "upset over nothing" when things happen. They act like since they don't see a problem with the thing, anyone who does is in the wrong. Like their point of view is the only thing that matters.

I see this all over... in racism, in bigotry, in ableism... If someone says "I don't think that's racist, it's not racist", they don't realize that their point of view isn't the only one that matters. That maybe, just maybe, their point of view is wrong and askew because they've never had to deal with racism in the same way.

It even happens in the doll hobby, where people get all upset over something someone did that was very harmful, but others scoff and say it's not 'that bad', so people are just 'being whiny'.

The biggest perpetrators, of course, are white GOP and Trump supporters. I can't count the amount of times I've gone to a news article about blatant racism and heard 'That's not even racist.' For example, when PewDiePie said the N word on a livestream. Apparently, generic-white-person-number-that-is-too-high doesn't think saying the N word in a moment of anger is racist... so now anyone who does is in the wrong.

People need to get their heads out of their asses and expand their narrow views of the world, ffs...!
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