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Ruby She/Her

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26 • Leo • Taken by SorrowTheMad • North Carolina • Item Tech for Voltra

Not sure what to write here haha Feel free to ask me questions if you have any, I'm pretty much an open book~

Also known as R u b y from Ernya/Menewsha and Ruby on Pantheon
Joined Voltra January 6th 2020

I love art! Draw me? :3

by prezial

By Kairu

By Koah

By Koah

By Jessamine

By eyry

By prezial

By prezial


  • GoblinsAndTea GoblinsAndTea (4 days ago)

    Aaaah thanks again! This time my avatar is based on an oc from a story im working on :^D

  • inatlaka inatlaka (1 week ago)

    Too cool staff now. That is awesome! I mostly took a break from voltra. I got alittle addicted to voltra and needed a break. XDD
    How are you?

  • Whimsy Whimsy (1 week ago)

    Not to be dramatic but I'll never forget I'm glad. You should feel special!

  • Whimsy Whimsy (1 week ago)

    It reminded me of your beautiful scenic Mene avatars. It was so your style.

  • inatlaka inatlaka (1 week ago)

    hello, been in hiding jejej. how are you?

  • Whimsy Whimsy (1 week ago)

    aww thank you! i really liked your entry to the spring avatar contest! it was sooo pretty


Crafts, movies, shows, music, cats, steampunk, avi making


Rude people, spiders


Arts & Crafts - Crochet, Cross Stitch