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25 | Leo | Taken by SorrowTheMad | North Carolina
Not sure what to write here haha Feel free to ask me questions if you have any, I'm pretty much an open book~

Also known as R u b y from Ernya/Menewsha and Ruby on Pantheon
Joined Voltra January 6th 2020

I love art! Draw me? :3

Art by Kairu~

Sketch art by me~ (base used for body shape/face)

Shine and textured bg hand painted on by me


  • Kairu Kairu (4 days ago)

    its a bit difficult to make combos on certain color palette. They got to be many enough to be experimented xD its all good. we will eventually get enough items to combo new palettes one day.

  • Kairu Kairu (5 days ago)

    eeeee ty ouo youre very elegant looking!

  • Totalanimefan Totalanimefan (4 weeks ago)

    You make beautiful avatars

  • Starlight Starlight (4 weeks ago)

    Thank you! The top is from Summer Fishie

  • Unicorn Unicorn (4 weeks ago)

    Your avatar looks lovely 💗

  • Tsundererra Tsundererra (1 month ago)

    Omg, you’re so sweet. ToT Thank you~ We just have the same fashion tastes, because I am loving your current look right now. <3