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From the Reaping Ritual, Nov.20:
  • Vixen: “that's because Wild is a ray of sunshine”
  • Kairu: Vixen and I agree that youre the most adorable bean OvO


  • Ruby Ruby (2 months ago)

    Omg I love your avi!

  • icedchai icedchai (2 months ago)

    Thanks Wildfire for the page prizes for everyone ! I can't be on that much lately, but when i do get a chance to come on I always stop by your event thread ^u^

  • xvz xvz (3 months ago)

    wildfire thank you! ^^<3

  • creativitea creativitea (4 months ago)

    such a cute avi!! loving the overalls!

  • Lina Lina (4 months ago)

    Thank you so much. ^^

  • sunny sunny (4 months ago)

    Your avatar is pretty neat :)


being outside, learning new things, doing interesting stuff


egocentricity, violence, deception (and similar)


reading, creating, writing, games/avi forums


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