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  • AliceinZombieland AliceinZombieland (3 years ago)

    You must be so relieved to have Vivi back and okay.

  • Panda Panda (3 years ago)

    No more pimples! :D

  • Baphomet Baphomet (3 years ago)

    Can I steal your soul- I mean...uh...hug you?

  • Panda Panda (3 years ago)

    But...but...I have so much love for you. :(

  • Panda Panda (3 years ago)

    Ummmmm, well she doesn’t even have your plushie! I do! I’m your number 1.

  • Panda Panda (3 years ago)

    I’m your number 1 fan!! I love you!


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