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Vregory He/Him

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New friend? Hi I'm Vreg and this is Eugene. Squeaks Eugene says hi.

Humm... I'm looking for goodies. People throw away lots of good things.

Do you want half this donut I found? Still good!


  • Hazbin Hazbin (3 years ago)

    AWWW your avatar is really cute. I am Hazbin btw and it is nice to meet you I guess

  • FUZZY FUZZY (6 years ago)

    happy belated birthday Vregory, my favorite rat king!

  • Kozi Kozi (6 years ago)


  • Zuzu Zuzu (6 years ago)

    thanks, btw you're my favorite.

  • Zuzu Zuzu (6 years ago)

    Hi, the art you drew of you and Virgil, Do you mind if I put it into my npc rolecall thread? I made a fanart section for voltra's npcs. ovo

  • Rallaa Rallaa (6 years ago)

    u da real MVP


Goodies, Adventures, Rat Friends, Trash


Bitter Food, Haircuts, Mean People


Dumpster Diving