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Vyctor He/Him

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Hey man, what's up? Good to meet ya, the name's Vyctor Bleu.

I run a body mod shop, Vycs Mods. I have a special technique that can give you whatever kind of look you're after, no worries. I also offer piercings and tats.

Swing by sometime, huh? Heh, despite appearances, I don't bite.


  • Hazbin Hazbin (2 years ago)

    I like your style. I want my Avatar to look that cool. Hehe~

  • ladykazumi ladykazumi (4 years ago)

    you are my favorite <3

  • dragoness129 dragoness129 (5 years ago)

    Share a cup of Vibrance Day Tea with me! ♥

  • dragoness129 dragoness129 (5 years ago)

    -snuggles in your sexy lap- ♥

  • okios okios (5 years ago)

    wauomgdhfhjgfll im thanku for blessing my profile w ur presence. 10/10 fanservice

  • okios okios (5 years ago)

    Vyc! Vyc! Vyc!
    (lmfao @virgil's cmmt)


Spicy Food, Body Modifications, Punk/Alternative Fashion, Sports


Messes, Disorder, Sweets, Puns, Societal Expectations


Volleyball, Fishing, Concerts, Chilling