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Virgil He/Him

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Yeah? You want something?

sighs I'm Virgil Frost. Happy?

I help out at my sister Violet's shop, Joyful Jamboree, whenever an event is happening. Usually against my will. But eh, whatever keeps her happy...

I'd rather be focusing on my art, but... Mn. Most people don't care about that.



  • Hazbin Hazbin (3 years ago)

    Bro can I say that you look dead inside with that Avatar. Lol XD

  • squishy sloth squishy sloth (5 years ago)

    u are a king UwU

  • squishy sloth squishy sloth (5 years ago)

    just popping in to say hi uwu

  • Faust Sheep Faust Sheep (6 years ago)

    Wha-? Boops are nice. >:[
    I booped you nose because you're cute. Though I guess I could of asked before I gave you a boop. <_<

  • Faust Sheep Faust Sheep (6 years ago)

    *boops your nose*

  • Siron Siron (6 years ago)

    *whistles innocently* It's been a while since anyone commented on here so I'm just gonna go ahead and say hi. Hi :^) I was totally just passing through


Conceptual Art, Vinyl Records, Black Coffee, Bands You've Never Heard Of, Quiet Time


Parties/Social Gatherings, Capitalism, Societal Expectations, Corruption, Dairy Products


Sculpting, Painting, Photography, Protests, Concerts